AT&T Funds Birmingham Mural Designed to Be a Spark of Inspiration in the Ensley Neighborhood

Artwork Depicts Excellence, Progress and Pride Steeped in Perseverance, Talent and Promise

With support from AT&T, the Ensley neighborhood in northern Birmingham is home to a new mural commissioned by the nonprofit Living Walls . Titled “Seedling,” the work of art is meant to shine a light on a local female artist and serve as a cultural touchpoint that bridges the City of Birmingham, the historic Ensley neighborhood, the Birmingham Legion and AT&T.

Living Walls uses the power of public art as a social and economic engine, providing an artistic workforce for the local community and creating healthy, sustainable urban spaces.

Birmingham artist Erin Mitchell is the creative force behind the Ensley neighborhood mural on a building at the corner of 19th Street and Avenue F, a main intersection in the business district.

The mural channels the spirit and culture of Birmingham and the Ensley area, where a number of revitalization efforts are underway. It incorporates emblems and landmarks that convey learning, growth, strength and renewal. The mural also includes elements of the Birmingham Legion logo, such as the “sparks” which represent passion, pride and community.

“In designing this mural, I wanted to create something beautiful for the city that reflected her past, present and hopes for the future,” said Erin Mitchell, Birmingham native and the mural’s creator. “It was important for me to reflect what my community sees as significant representations of our City to preserve and remind us of hope as we evolve.”

“AT&T’s investment in Birmingham provides enhanced opportunities to drive community success,” said Birmingham City Councilor John R. Hilliard. “We are making the neighborhood of Ensley a symbol of revitalization, one that will harkens back to the glory days of one of Birmingham's most historic and cherished communities."

The Ensley mural is part of the AT&T Believe Birmingham initiative, which is focused on youth and community needs. As part of Believe, AT&T employees are working with community leaders and organizations to connect youth to educational opportunities that drive success and building skills for a stronger Birmingham.

“Birmingham is the Magic City, and we are proud to be a part of the cultural fabric in each of the 99 neighborhoods,” said Jay Heaps, Legion FC president and general manager. “With the help of committed ownership, energetic players and staff and inspired partners, like AT&T, we are committed to finding opportunities to give back to this great city we call home.”

“I am especially proud that our investment and commitment doesn’t stop with our network, services and products.”

Wayne Hutchens – President, AT&T Alabama

“I am especially proud that our investment and commitment doesn’t stop with our network, services and products,” said AT&T Alabama president Wayne Hutchens. AT&T believes in Birmingham, all 99 neighborhoods. And, we are committed to making this great City a community where everyone can thrive.”

Believe Birmingham was launched in August 2019 in collaboration with community organizations, including Birmingham City Schools, the Birmingham Legion and the Birmingham Education Foundation.

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